Tour Packages


Spending a vacation in Kota Kinabalu without doing anything is boring. How about an adventure? Or a simple tour around Kota Kinabalu area? As Fat Rhino Hostel guest, you have a chance to explore the city from down below to the top above. Here’s several tour packages you might want to look at.


Cooking Class


Fat Rhino Hostel Kota Kinabalu Cooking Class 2

Taste Of Borneo Cooking Class is for you to learn about local Sabahan cuisine and how to prepare the menu. Get outside the city and into the kitchen with our specialty outdoor cooking classes, located at “Momma’s House” about 15 minutes outside of kota kinabalu. READ MORE…


Climb Mount Kinabalu


Fat Rhino Hostel Mount Kinabalu Climb Package 2

The climb is really challenging as everything was compressed into short days. From climbing up to the base camp to the summit climb and then descending to the bottom, it was certainly a test of our endurance, both physically and mentally, while enjoying the view tropical surroundings. READ MORE…


Kota Kinabalu City Tour


Fat Rhino Hostel Kota Kinabalu City Tour 001

At Fat Rhino Hostel, we want you not only to get a feel for Kota Kinabalu but also the amazing surroundings and beauty on the outskirts of the city most people miss out on. READ MORE…