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Kota Kinabalu city tour is for you to know Kota Kinabalu city area and to be introduced to popular tourist’s spot, popular dining places, local fresh market and popular landmarks. At Fat Rhino Hostel, we want you not only to get a feel for Kota Kinabalu but also the amazing surroundings and beauty on the outskirts of the city most people miss out on.


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Our Kota Kinabalu city tour will take you to see some of the highlights of Kota Kinabalu and then be whisked off to one of the great suburbs of the city. Penampang is a very locally mixed area outside of KK that is comprised of many cultures and religions of Sabah. Kadazan, Dusun, Chinese, Malay and many other indigenous groups all live in this beautiful community 20 minutes from the center of KK that rarely gets visited by most travellers.


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Get picked up from your accommodation around 9am.

Head to the floating mosque learn about the predominant religion of Malaysia (if you wish to go inside men must have long pants and a shirt, women must be dressed in the traditional Hijab which can be rented on site).

On to the Atkinson clock tower a historical site of KK which is over a century old, heck Malaysia as a country was only formed in 1963!.

From the tower we’ll head out of KK towards Penampang about 20 minutes drive from the city center.

Visit a Local market which rarely gets seen by travelers but is a staple of the local community. Here we’ll learn about fruits, vegetables, flowers and seafoods of the local area.

Onto lunch at a famous local eatery you’d have a hard time finding on your own.

After lunch visit one of the few Kampung or village houses left in these parts. We’ll go inside and get a real glimpse of the past life of the Kadazan people. This house even survived being bombed by the Australian air force! Now that’s craftsmanship.

Our final destination is a bumpy drive up to Crocker Range National Park and visit a viewpoint that has a 180 degree sweeping view of Kota Kinabalu, Tunku Abdul Rahman National Park and surrounding areas. Even most of the locals don’t know about this place.

Then back to Kota Kinabalu.


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What To Bring

  • Mineral water bottle
  • Summer cap
  • Sunblock cream
  • Camera
  • Sun glasses
  • Light food.


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