About Fat Rhino Hostel


Fat Rhino Hostel is the premiere hostel experience in Kota Kinabalu Borneo. Come enjoy our wonderful facilities located in the heart of KK on Gaya Street.

How To Find Fat Rhino Hostel


Easiest way to find Fat Rhino Hostel is by looking for Gaya Street, Kota Kinabalu. There, look for Pizza Hut outlet or Sugar Bun Kota Kinabalu. Fat Rhino Hostel is above Pizza Hut Gaya Street and very close to Sugar Bun. Fat Rhino Hostel location can be identified by looking at Google Map below.



Fat Rhino Hostel is a unique hostel located in the heart of Kota Kinabalu. Just a step away from the famous sunday market of Gaya Street which is the main tourist area and the central business district in Kota Kinabalu for over a hundred years. Here’s Google Street View of Far Rhino Hostel to help you identify our building at Gaya Street and the surroundings.



Fat Rhino Hostel is a four story building with a rooftop balcony where you can view the City and the nearby Islands. All the rooms include a window, free gourmet coffee/filtered drinking water (reception area) and spacious common areas with WiFi to enhance your comfort at the property.


In addition to our accommodation we offer discount on transportation, land tours, scuba diving and snorkeling packages.


Our phone number: +60 88-204 881 or send a message to us directly via our contact form available on this website.